Welcome to math AIS! My name is Jenna Ehmann and here you will find information on what my role is here at St. Ambrose, what each grade level is currently working on, and resources for math activities to do at home with your students.

Here at SAA as math academic support, one of my duties is to push into each classroom during their math blocks and work with the classroom teacher. That can include pulling small groups to work on an enrichment or remediation activity, co-teaching alongside the classroom teacher or just as an extra layer of support for classroom teachers. My other role is working with the classroom teacher to identify students that are two or more grade levels behind in math and create small groups based off what they need. We use iReady benchmarks, teacher created benchmarks and observations to identify students below grade levelĀ  and then I target my small group instruction to address the gaps in mathematics skills.

Please check your child’s grade level to see what they should be working on at home, every night. Math facts should be practiced every night! One of the biggest gaps in skills, across grade levels, is math fact fluency. Kindergarten- 1st grade should be practicing addition and subtraction facts to 10 every night. 2nd and 3rd grade should be practicing addition and subtraction facts to 20 every night, and 4th-5th graders should be practicing multiplication facts every night.